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12044 Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90066
Video Equipment Rental

Video Equipment Rental
Sony DSR-45 Compact Half-Rack DVCAM / DV VTR Deck
Day Rate - $ 150

Front View  
Back View
To order contact us at 310-466-3624 or send us an e-mail at
Sony DSR-45 Compact Half-rack DVCAM/ DV VTR

We provide video equipment rentals - Key features include a 2 inch LCD monitor for viewing content, audio levels, tape information, and user menu selection, time code generator and I/O, 4 channel audio control, i.LINK IEEE-1394 connection, Component Video I/O, RS-422A, RS-232C and Control S remote control interfaces.

This front-loading VTR accepts both standard and mini-size cassettes, and its half-rack design allows the DSR-45 to be easily integrated into existing linear and non-linear editing systems.


DVCAM Format and DV Format(SP Mode Only) Play and Record
Maximum Recording Time of 184 Minutes with Standard Size Cassette
Standard and Mini-size DVCAM/DV Cassettes Compatible
Compact Half-rack Unit Size
Built-in 2 inch LCD Screen for Viewing Video Playback, Audio Levels and Menu Selection
i.LINK IEEE-1394 Interface
Analog Component Video I/O
4 Channel XLR Audio Out
4 Channel RCA Audio In
Time Code I/O
Internal Time Code Generator/Reader
Time Base Corrector for Jitter-free Video Output for Analog Signals
Color Bar Generator

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