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Video Equipment Rental
Sony HDW-F500 VTR
Day Rate - $ 400


HDCAM Studio VTR w/24P and 60i compatibility

High-Definition editing recorder utilizing HDCAM compression.

The switchable frame rate allows recordings to be made at 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97and 30 frames per second progressive, and 50, 59.94 or 60 fields per second interlace. Audio capabilities include (4) 20-bit channels, capable of handling Dolby "E" encoded audio tracks.

HD SDI (with 4 channels of embedded audio) and AES/EBU audio interfaces are standard. Options are available for integrated downconversion to 525 video (HKDV-501A) and 3:2 pulldown to1080i (HKDV-507D) for handling 23.98 or 24P material in exisiting systems. RS 422 control interface is standard, and 50-pin control interface is optional (BKDW-509).


Increased recording time with 24P Increased recording time with 24P: An important consideration with 24P recording is the increased record time on the same HDCAM cassette; a typical HDCAM cassette holds 124 minutes of 60 Hz HD material, but can hold 155 minutes of 24P HD material; a 25% i

Video and audio pre-read Video and audio pre-read: Enables the efficient use of VTRs in any production environment; incorporates this feature as standard through the use of a set of pre-read heads.

Optional SDTI board Optional SDTI board can be used to create digital clones and for routing through standard SDI architecture.

HD-SDI Provides an uncompressed, 10-bit, digital component SMPTE-292M HD serial data stream with a bit rate of 1.5Gbps.

Optional 3:2 pulldown board Optional 3:2 pulldown board: Allows viewing of 24P recording at the conventional 60 Hz rate. When used in combination with the optional HKDV-501A down-converter board, 24P material can be viewed on standard NTSC monitors

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