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Live Pay Per View

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Your broadcast production needs are as unique as you are. The Edit Source understands that to make you successful, we need to give you the power and control to tailor broadcasts that exceed the requirements of your clients and their viewers. 
You must be able to manage a versatile production environment that supports your resources and capabilities, and to offer a variety of distribution options that let you deliver content how, when, and where you want to. 
Complete control with event creation and management tools
Monetize live event webcasts via - Pay-per-view, Subscription, Sponsors
Capture audience through viewer registration and broaden exposure
Build community using social interaction 
Deliver broadcasts up to highest quality HD - 1080P)
Leverage low cost IP satellite network for first-mile connectivity

Aligning with live events and touching consumers at a true passion point is a definitive way to harness that power in unique and unforgettable ways.
The power of entertainment is universal and attracts passionate fans of all ages and cultures across all genres. Fans want to watch live broadcasts with other fans, and chat about it while it's happening.
Deliver high yield targeted advertising through cost efficient event carriage
Harness the passion of fans through impactful marketing programs
Engage fans in meaningful ways - directly with brands or with a group of brands
Preserve and extend your brand by embedding events in your site
Reach new audiences with Facebook embeddable players and social networks

Digital Media Group's live events grow audiences, boost engagement and drive revenue by delivering broadcast quality video to all screens and devices, with built-in social networking.
Digital Media delivers all of these capabilities seamlessly. Whether a viewer's passion is music, sports, politics or special interest, The Edit Source has the platform to deeply engage audiences, reaching them on multiple levels, while making money doing it.
Capture audience through viewer registration and broaden exposure
Build community through social interaction
Broadcast live with DVR-like rewind capabilities
Record live broadcasts for replay on-demand
Provide live support for viewers
Reach new audiences with Facebook embeddable players

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