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IP Based Global Broadcast Satellite System



The Edit Source IP Satellite Uplink system offers a cost effective solution and bandwidth on demand for HD/SD satellite transmission.
With a price point less than half of a traditional satellite SNG truck The Edit Source Group's new IP Satellite gives you the power to transmit and receive media via a comprehensive package of transmission equipment in a compact footprint, getting you on air faster with more features and more flexibility while costing you less time, less money and less manpower.

Satellite Uplink Truck Features

We have a 1 meter Auto-Deploy Satellite Antenna that provide you with Internet connectivity from almost anywhere in Canada, the United States and Mexico as far south as Argentina.  We call our satellite system, “Bandwidth on Board” because you can be in the middle of nowhere and still able to get on the Internet, or for that matter, have phone or Internet service via satellite.

MPEG-4 Video Encoders
Tricaster XD455HD video encoders
High Definition or Standard Definition
Highly efficient encoding scheme saves bandwidth

Additional A/V Features
Everts Video/Audio Processing
16 Channel Mackie 1604 VLZ Audio Mixer
20 Channel Audio Snake
13" HD Video Monitor plus
(1) 20" Video Monitoring Screen with Multi-view
Sony HD Recorder
DDR HD Playback
MOTU Digital HDD Recording 

Complete IP Based Satellite Communications System
High Speed Internet with Wi/Fi
Voice Lines/Party Line IFB
Video File Transfer and more
Uplinks up to 9.98 Mb/s 
Complete Rental and Service Packages Available Including: 
Sony HD Camera 
Light kit
ENG Gear
Internet access
Unlimited phone service for IFB
Professional Cameraman
Professional Director

MainStage provides an economical, turnkey platform that enables live broadcasting from any event regardless of size or location. Narrowcast events previously ignored by major broadcast networks because of audience size and production expense can now be affordably made available on a pay-per-view, sponsored and/or advertising supported basis to their fans, enthusiasts or members.
Ideal for Live Events of Any Size
Monetize Live Event Webcasts
Capture Audience and Broaden Exposure
Build Community
Attract Viable Viewership Without Large Promotion Expense
MainStage includes a unique, easy-to-use production creation tool that provides complete online event set up and management directed and controlled by the producer. This allows for customization of all elements of the production, including the business model (pay-per-view, subscription, sponsored), required registration fields (email address or more), interactive features (includes all major social networks), signal quality (up to highest quality HD -1080P). This event can then be used to create a private label network embedded seamlessly in the client's website.
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