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ConversionChart Format Conversions, Dubs, Transfers
Professional format up-conversions, down-conversions, and cross conversions, dubs and transfers in most formats. HDCAM SR to HDV. EdiSource offers the best possible conversions of all video/film formats, from varying frame rates and aspect ratios, including: Up, & Down conversions - to and from – 23.98- 24p/25p/30p/50i/60i; Cross Conversions between 720p/1080p/1080i HDCAM, HDCAM SR, D-5 or DVCProHD; and DigiBeta, BetaSP, IMX, BetaSX, DVCAM.

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Format Conversions, Dubs, Transfers
We can beat anyone's written Quote.
Digitizing/Tape Captures/Tape Outputs
Capturing tapes to our RAID/your hard drive - or vice versa. Our RAIDs are capable of capturing full 4:4:4 10 Bit Uncompressed video at 2K.
SD $100/hr
HD $200/hr
SR $300/hr
We provide full editing services using Avid & Final Cut Pro. Our editors have worked on projects ranging from TV commercials to indie feature films.
SD $150/hr
HD $250/hr
SR $350/hr
We'll take any source (tape, file, etc) and compress it into any other format. We also offer an end-of-day special price - let us run the compression over night and we'll charge a flat rate based on the original format and length of your program. Please call ahead to check availability.
SD $100/hr
HD $200/hr
SR $250/hr
or call
DVD Authoring
Encoding materials for DVD and creating menus.
Audio Services
Editing/adjusting audio and outputting to CD or WAV, AIFF, or MP3 format.
Frame Grabs
We'll take single frames from any type of video source.
SD $100/hr
HD $200/hr
RenderFarm CALL
3D & Motion Graphics CALL
Website Design CALL
The ones we design look real nice.
+ $25
Pick Up & Delivery / Shipping
Need it FedExed? We've got you covered.
Digital Storage $1 GB/month
Disc Graphics

Avid Adrenaline HD System Rental I $650/week
Final Cut Pro HD System Rental I $650/week
Avid Adrenaline HD Editing Suite I $500/day
Final Cut Pro HD Editing Suite I $500/day

One week min. on system rental.

Avid Symphony DX Tape and Media Captures & Outputs
EditSource is the one-stop-shop for transferring your material from tape to digital media, and back out to tape again. We provide the equipment and experience needed to facilitate your editing project, whether it’s Avid or Final Cut Pro, promo or feature-length, DV or HDCAM or Red Digital Cinema. Let us digitize your D-5 to Avid DNX or Apple ProRes. Or capture, render, and output your Red One 2K files via our 10 node Render Farm to HDCAM SR






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