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Sony DVW-A500 Digital Betacam Editing Recorder
The de facto standard of standard definition production. The DVW-A500 features SMPTE 259M serial digital V/A interface, built-in analog video and audio interfaces, analog Betacam SP playback capability, optional composite analog input (included), and 4:3 and 16:9 capability. More >

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Sony DVW-A500 Digital Betacam VTR I $350 day
Sony DVW-A500 PAL Digibeta VTR I $400 day
Sony J-3 NTSC/PAL Digital Betacam Player I $300 day

Panasonic AJ-SD950 DVCPRO 50 VTR I $200 day

Sony DSR-1500 DVCAM VTR I $200 day
Sony DSR-45 DVCAM VTR I $150 day
Sony DSR-80 DVCAM VTRI $100 day
Sony DSR-60 DVCAM Player I $100 day

Sony BVW-75 Betacam SP VTR I $150 day
Sony PVW-2800 Betacam SP VTR I $125 day
Sony UVW-1800 Betacam SP VTR I $100 day

Avid Adrenaline HD System Rental I $650/week
Final Cut Pro HD System Rental I $650/week

Sony J-3
Sony J-3 Multi-Format Player
Multi-Format Compact Player, Betacam, Betacam SP, Betacam SX, Digital Betacam, MPEG IMX, SDI, More >
Panasonic AJ-D950 DVCPRO VTR
Editing recorder 625/525 switchable, DVC Pro 50/DVC Pro/DVCam Playback (no DV playback) DVC Pro 50/DVC Pro Record SDI in/out; Sampling 4:2:2/13.5 Mhz; Up to 92 Min. recording time with cassette AJ-5P92L More >
Sony DSR-1500
Sony DSR-1500 DVCAM
No matter what editing system you have, you'll be able to easily bring in material from miniDV and DVCAM and even DVCPRO25 through SDI or Component). The DSR-1500A incorporates the same innovative, high standard technology featured in the DSR-2000 into a compact, half-rack width design. More >

Sony DSR-25
The front-loading DSR-45 accepts both standard and mini-size cassettes, Includes a 2-in. LCD monitor for viewing content, audio levels, tape information, and user menu selection, time code generator and I/O; 4 channel audio control; i.LINK IEEE-1394 connection, Component Video I/O, RS-422A, RS-232C and Control S remote control interfaces. More >
Sony DSR-80
DVCAM and DV format playback, analog inputs and outputs, high speed search, jog audio, digital slow, SDTI (QSDI) I/O connectors, SDI interface, built in SDI and TBC, DVCAM component digital recording format. More >
Sony DSR-60
The DSR-60P is a studio style component digital editing player based on the DVCAM format with its superb picture and audio quality. The rugged construction of the DSR-60P makes it an ideal feeder for demanding professional editing environments. More >
Sony BVW-75
Sony BVW-75 Betacam SP
It is an edit master recorder/player that incorporates Dynamic Tracking and a Built in Timebase corrector for perfect noise free playback. It also boasts four channels of audio, ( Two AFM, hi-fi, audio tracks and two Linear tracks) plus a VITC (Vertical Interval Time Code) that allows accurate timecode reproduction at all times in conjunctions with the LTC reader. More >
Sony PVM-2800
Sony PVW-2800 Betacam SP
Sony PVW-2800
BetaCam SP Player/Recorder Studio VTR
Front-Panel Editing; Jog-Shuttle;
Internal TBC; RS-422 9-Pin Control
2-Channels Analog Audio
Input/Output: Component; Composite; S-Video More >
Sony UVW-1800 Sony UVW-1800 Betacam SP
- Two longitudinal audio channel with the Dolby C-type Noise Reduction system shown in unique bargraph indicators.
- Frame accurate editing: assemble and insert (video, audio CH-1, audio CH-2 and time code) editing capability when controlled from optional RS-422A equipped editing controller unit. More >
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